YOKOHAMA stake pool


Cardano Staking Service

This pool is operated by two Japanese operators. We try to make everyone feel at ease when staking.
It's a small pool born in Yokohama, but it's like flying to the world We will do our best to manage and support you.

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Don't miss the chance to generate blocks

The staking reward is generated by generating blocks, so the management system is important. We operate under the following management system so that you can delegate with confidence.

Two-person system

At 24:365, the operating status of servers and nodes will be monitored, and if there is an abnormality, it will be detected and recovered immediately.

Latest node operation

Keep your Cardano network secure with node management with the latest Cardano-node version.

Minimum cost range

We offer low-priced staking with a margin of 1% and a fixed cost of ₳340.

High mental

The operator always maintains high motivation by running and doing muscle training on a daily basis.

Be familiar with Twitter

What kind of person manages it? We send information on twitter every day so that you can know about.


Pool Owners

Oke-chan / Ticker-name: YKSP

The father of two children who have been living in Yokohama since he became aware of it. In 2017, he met Cardano and was attracted to Charles' vision, and although he was ignorant, he succeeded in launching the pool in April 2021. My dream is to have people from various countries delegate it, but I'm not good at English.


Studying for Cardano SPO / 36 years old / Looking for SPO friends / Having two jobs / Both a video shop and a clothing shop / Who do you work for rather than what you do?


Promises a wonderful staking life

Our mission is to be proud of being able to contribute to Cardano, the future bearer, and to operate a pool that is not ashamed of the world. And it is to have the delegator spend a safe staking life. For that reason, I will do my best not to neglect the transmission and monitoring work every day.